a litter is born

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We are Charles, Anja and Melanie de Rover.  
Our kennel name ''Te-Hai-Tao'' stands for our family name ''de Rover''.
We are since 1991 in the possession of Shar-Pei's. We are totally addicted. 
Our dogs grow up in domestic circle.
 That comes the socialisation and character formation sore to good.-



With us you're in the right place for accompaniment and advice, 
so that it is not all about  buying a puppy.  
Also the accompaniment after you bought a puppy is for us very important. 
After about 6 or 7 weeks the puppy's are clean.  
Naturally all our pups have been vaccinated, got a pill against worms, 
chiped and naturally with pedigree.  
We breed exclusive according to the rules of the Council of Management.  
You are always welcome at our place! You can bring your kids with if you like, 
cause our dogs are very childfriendly. 
If you'd like to get more information, you can always call or email us.



Shar-pei kennel "TE HAI TAO"

Fam. C de Rover
Steurkreek 5
3206 GN Spijkenisse
tel. 0181-642520 / 0619360254